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The Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network (CWCN)  was established in 1999 as a volunteer organization focused on the re-establishment and maintenance of ecologically healthy catchments to deliver both environmental and community benefits. CWCN encourages community engagement and connection with the environment.

Since its formation,  CWCN as a social enterprise allocates all revenue received or generated to community-benefiting schemes. CWCN is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 21 367 529 654).

The Network provides a wide range of regular programs and activities as well as innovative and influential conferences and special events that reach a wide audience and involve not only local residents but participants from Brisbane, South East Queensland and interstate.

CWCN is a past winner of the Healthy Waterways Award (Community Category) and the Minister for Environment’s Grand Prize.

CWCN’s Principal Roles and Objectives

  • Supporting whole of catchment projects for Cubberla Creek, Witton Creek, Sandy Creek and Toowong Creek, Western Creek (the Catchments), and in adjacent areas along the Brisbane River in the western suburbs of Brisbane;
  • Linking 26 local bushcare groups with an interest in the environmental health of the Catchments and their waterways; 
  • Supporting the establishment and maintenance of wildlife corridors linking the catchments from their source to the Brisbane River and beyond;
  • Facilitating research into the condition and environmental trends of the catchments;
  • Facilitating collection and management of data to support action which enhances the environmental health of the Catchments and their waterways;
  • Liaising with government (local, state and Commonwealth) and other agencies on environmental issues affecting the catchments;
  • Promoting the environmental values of the Catchments to the public;
  • Supporting and facilitating funding for projects to improve the environmental health of the catchments;
  • Promoting the livability of the Catchments for residents of the inner western suburbs.

Key activities/achievements include

  • Two symposia covering the physical and historical features of the area
  • Two conferences with delegates and speakers from around Australia (fungi, soil life)
  • Publications: Catchment Voices Volume I and Volume II
  • Festivals (Recycling, Bat, Fungi, Pollinators)
  • Workshops/Seminars (Waterway Rehabilitation, Habitat Creation for Small Birds, Wildlife and others)
  • Regular Community planting and community revegetation days
  • Monthly waterway monitoring of water quality
  • Seasonal Fish Snapshots of local fish stocks, macro-invertebrates and other fauna
  • Cool Pools – a school training film and program for monitoring local waterways
  • Children's educational activities
  • Seed Propagation
  • Environmental Book Club

CWCN has close relationships with a wide range of Local, State and Commonwealth agencies and community organisations. These include Brisbane City Council’s Community Conservation Partnership Program, Brisbane Catchments Network, Healthy Land and Water, Queensland Water and Landcare

CWCN's  Management Committee as per AGM 2023:

  • President: Don Begbie
  • Secretary: Megan Burfein
  • Treasurer: Tom Usher

Other Committee Members:

  • Emily Roberts
  • Jef Cummings
  • Maggie Deeths
  • Tony Pressland
  • Sue Hanson


We are active in the marked catchment areas: resizeimage 4

President's Report given at Annual General Meeting

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