<i>Brachychiton discolor</i>---Photo-Jutta-Godwin<i>Daviesia umbellulata</i>---Photo-Jutta-Godwin<i>Eucalyptus tereticornis</i><i>Jacksonia scoparia</i>

Well over 500 native plant species are known from the catchments of Cubberla, Witton, Sandy and Toowong Creeks and our local part of the Brisbane River corridor. Among them is the endangered Angle-stemmed Myrtle which occurs naturally in several sites in Brisbane’s Inner West. One of our local bushcare groups participates as an official recovery site in efforts to ensure the plant’s survival. 

Our Inner West catchments are fortunate to host rather varying plant communities for us to experience and explore. They range from dry sclerophyll forest at Mount Coot-tha, to dry rainforest usually along our creek lines further downstream, to freshwater habitat in our waterways, to mangrove communities occurring at the Brisbane River and the lowest reaches of our creeks.

Our densely populated catchments area which has seen  much interference with natural creek lines and landscape is also host to uncounted exotic plants, almost all of them starting as garden escapees. Many of them have become dominant species in our natural environment displacing native vegetation. Rehabilitation efforts are under way to secure wildlife corridors and habitat for our indigenous fauna.

A list of locally native plants based on all known recordings can be viewed by clicking on the link below. Please note, this list is currently under complete review. We welcome your input . We encourage especially Inner West bushcarers to compare their plant lists with the CWCN list, to tell us about omissions, mistakes in the list, name changes. This is a work in progress. We envisage an up-to-date list of native flora which will provide an  overview, tell you in very abbreviated form about suitability for locations, about flowering and seeding times, about Aboriginal uses.

CWCN’s Plant List for Brisbane’s Inner West Catchments

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