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There are many ways to stay active and be inspired by nature. There are also multiple ways of using the sustainability theme and creativity to spend fun-filled times. Why not create memories as a family and help children understand the value of nature and looking after it.  We have developed some ideas for you. Why not check them out and apply. 

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To make your own Nature Diary can be a wonderful activity for every family member.  Allow your children to go on a journey of discovery. They observe nature with all their senses and are amazingly focused when it comes to reproducing their impressions. This activity is equally exciting and calming. Why not repeat it over time and have children create a nature journal covering longer periods of observations.

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Why not find the budding filmmakers in your family. They can bring nature onto the small and big screens. It takes observation skills, patience, and a smart device to film fauna, flora or fungi.  A little bit of research and some explanatory narration will go a long way. CWCN would be happy to publish Your short film of around three minutes on our social media pages.