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We are looking for budding filmmakers who are keen to bring nature onto the small and big screens. It takes observation skills, patience, and a smart device to film fauna, flora or fungi.

Look closely what is around you. Create your own little story, become the next David Attenborough and show us what we have in our backyards, in and along our waterways, in bushland and open spaces in our suburbs.

A little bit of research and some explanatory narration will go a long way. Our condition is that you tell us a story about nature, be it flowers, animals or fungi, or all of them together.

Your short film should be no less than three and no more than five minutes in length.

Participants should be at least ten years and no older than 16 years.

We will add an entry form to this webpage and tell you how you can provide us with your creation.

The deadline for submitting your short documentary is Sunday, 17th May 2020.

The winner will receive a book voucher worth $50.

If you have any queries, email Jutta Godwin via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring her on 0407 583 441.