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Who can participate?

Anyone with an eye for nature. For individuals we recommend late primary school age at the least, high school is an even better starting age, but this activity can be done by entire families.

What does a participant need?

  • A smartphone, an ipad or a tablet or access to any of them.
  • Free QuestaGame app to be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Connecting with nature every day, even if only for 20 minutes, is beneficial for you. Fresh air and movement will keep you healthy and relaxed, and to enjoy an exciting task will keep you occupied. Participating in QuestaGame is an activity which can be done in your garden or while you are out on a walk in your park, through local bushland, along a creek or when visiting a lagoon or lake. Follow the very important social distancing rules. You can still compare the results with your friends.

If you own a smartphone, an ipad or a tablet, or if you have access to your mum’s or dad’s, and if you know how to take a picture with any of them, you can participate in QuestaGame.

It’s easy. Download the free app as per above and, once set up, join the Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network Clan (via the drop down menu; the password to join CWCN’s Clan is ‘possum’). If you join and your friends do too, you can still follow each others’ results and be inspired and challenged to take more photos.

Details on how to play can be found on If you have difficulties finding your way through this, ask someone for help you or give Jutta a buzz on 0407 583 441.

In QuestaGame you can compete against your peers and see who discovers the most insects, fungi, or plants in our natural world. Every time you upload a species to QuestaGame you can win gold points, Every time you are able to identify your find, there are even more gold points to be won.