Our Network currently conducts a survey of frogs in Brisbane's Inner West. We are keen to establish which of the locally native amphibians use our creeks as well as permanent and ephemeral waterbodies. Changes in land use over time, the manipulation of creek lines and flood plains, urbanisation and general loss of habitat have had an effect on frog numbers and species diversity. Additionally, a fungal disease is believed to be responsible for further losses. The changes in climate with extended unseasonally dry conditions are likely to further affect local frog populations as does the abundance of Cane Toads. We are keen to hear from locals about frogs in Brisbane's Inner West catchments. You may want to join us for frog survey trips at night or just tell us about frog calls. We are happy to come and take recordings of frog calls so that they can be identified.

Watch this space. We will publish our survey results in due course.



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