Lara Dip Netting  Macro-Invertebrates Sampling  Ray With Bait Trap Henry and Tony Monitoring Ray with Horiba
Join our Waterwatch Group and become involved in the hands-on exploration, protection and management of local waterways. Learn how aquatic ecosystems work, meet other locals, and have fun while supporting the natural environment in Brisbane’s Inner West.

Who are we?
We are local from all walks of life and of different ages and backgrounds. What binds us is the interest in the health of our local waterways and catchments and in how aquatic ecosystems work.

How much knowledge is required?
None. Training workshops are offered, and we all learn constantly while monitoring water quality, aquatic fauna and the general health status of our creeks. Come along to any activity. Observe and participate at your leisure. You’ll be amazed how interesting it is and how much fun we have.

What we do
Our approach is varied and covers a range of aspects and activities, all aimed at understanding how catchment dynamics influence the health of our waterways, at learning how to obtain and analyse data and at creating community awareness. All activities are intended to assist the improvement of creek and catchment health.

Water quality monitoring
The waters of our local creeks are sampled on a monthly basis. We analyse for i.e. temperature, turbidity, salinity, and pH. The results are fed into the Bureau of Meteorology database and provide us with trends and changes in creek water chemistry and sediment load. Periodic statistical reviews are made to show if any significant changes have occurred. A response system is available to check on any reported or observed abnormalities in water discharges.

damselfly-larva Dragonfly-larva Giant-Water-Bug Back Swimmer

Healthy creeks are rich in biodiversity. Water quality can be measured by assessing creek life. To determine type and quantity of aquatic macro-invertebrates is part of our water quality procedures.

Fish Snapshots
CWCN carries out fish surveys twice a year. Following protocols developed for the purpose specified creek sites are being sampled and the data about native and exotic fish as well as other waterway information are used for research.

Awareness Raising
A better community understanding of the forces influencing catchment and waterway health is our target. To that aim we offer a choice of events and activities ranging from water quality monitoring with local schools, themed storytelling, to live macro-invertebrates and photo displays, to hands-on workshops for beginners, supporting surveys such as for frogs, and information via miscellaneous CWCN publications.

Thank you
We are grateful to Brisbane City Council for providing training, calibration, and Brisbane Catchments Network for support with animal ethics permits.