Tulipwood---Harpullia-pendula---Photo-Jutta-GodwinBrown-Pine---Podocarpus-elatus---Photo-Jutta-GodwinBrisbane-Laurel---Pittosprorum-revolutum---Photo-Jutta-GodwinSandpaper Fig - Ficus-coronata---Photo-Jutta-Godwin

Seed propagation facilities have been set up at the CWCN Centre in Chapel Hill. The intention is to raise native plants local to our catchments area, plants that are otherwise difficult to source. There are many reasons why we need indigenous rather than introduced plants. For instance, our native insects are deprived of their staple food sources. Without native insects there will be effects felt by our Inner West frog, lizard, bird and micro-bat populations. Native plants are much better adapted to our soils and our climatic conditions and survive extremes such as prolonged drought periods better than most exotic species.

Start collecting seeds and get involved to raise the level of local provenance. Tell us about wanting to be part of our new Seed Propagation Group. Meetings are announced in our Diary of Events

Contact us if you have any questions: Phone 3878 4581 or get in touch via our online contact form.


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