wittonVolunteer groups from Green Hill Reservoir in Chapel Hill to the creek mouth near Indooroopilly’s Walter Taylor Bridge work on improving the health of bushland remnants and Witton Creek through weed control and the establishment of native vegetation. Their work influences the repairing of a wildlife corridor along Witton Creek, identified under CWCN’s Witton for Wildlife project. This corridor is recognised as having high ecological value under the Draft City Plan (status Jan 2014). Close cooperation under Witton for Wildlife also exists with Indooroopilly’s UQ Experimental Mine and the Indooroopilly Scouts Den land. 

 The following groups, registered under BCC’s Habitat Brisbane Program, are working in the catchment

  • Clarina Street Bushcare Group, Chapel Hill (Chris 0423 688 767)
  • Goldsborough Street Bushcare Group, Taringa (via Habitat Brisbane Officer 3403 8888)
  • Greenhill Regenerators, Chapel Hill (Joan 3378 3110)
  • Heather's Patch Bushcare Group, Taringa (Heather 3378 5960)
  • Indooroopilly Woods Residents Group Inc (Tom 0435 658 773)
  • Moore Park Bushcare Group, Indooroopilly (Des 3378 1011) www.facebook.com/moore.park.indooroopilly 
  • Taringa Parade Bushcare Group (Moore Park), INdooroopilly (Jutta 0407 583 441) www.facebook.com/moore.park.indooroopilly