This resource page will grow in content. We hope the material will be helpful for all working on the health of Brisbane's Inner West catchments. Also, please don't forget that our library at the CWCN Centre holds valuable material and is well worth a visit.



  • Brisbane Community Biodiversity Strategy by Brisbane Catchments Network (2012) PDF 4752
  • Climate Change and Brisbane Biodiversity. A Critique of the Climate Change & Energy Taskforce Final Report with Recommendations for Biodiversity added. A Report for the Brisbane City Council by Tim Low (2007) PDF 1544
  • Quality of urban waterways found to affect bat populations and biodiversity - Source European Commission News Alert (2015) pdf 308KB
  • Terrestrial Invertebrates Status Review by Queensland Museum for Brisbane City Council (2005) PDF 4835KB

CWCN Symposia Proceedings 2000/2001:

  • Climate and Hydrology of Cubberla Creek by John Carter PDF 517KB
  • Geology of the Cubberla Creek and Witton Creek Catchments by Rod Brown PDF 592
  • Soils of the Cubberla and Witton Creek Catchments by Mick Capelin PDF 344KB
  • Some Causes of Erosion and Sediment Deposition in the Lower Reaches of Cubberla Creek and Photopoint Monitoring of Change by Ray Kelly PDF 824KB